The Gin Train Experience took place over the weekend of Friday 15th June 2018 to Sunday 17th June 2018.

Overall we received lots of very positive comments. We understand that some customers were disappointed and felt that the event fell short of their expectations.

Railroad Events delivered to customers everything promised as part of the ticket price which ranged from £22.50 - £40. It included 5 gin tasting measures of 15ml, a 2 hour train ride, with the option to upgrade to first class seating. This information was available on our website prior to booking.

The Mid-Norfolk Railway line was hired by Railroad Events to provide the carriages and train service over the weekend. Mid-Norfolk Railway is a local charity heritage railway.

Local media reports presented The Gin Train Experience very negatively after only publishing negative comments from our first service. We would like to point out that there were other positive comments for these trains. We recognise they have since updated their content to what we would consider to be a more balanced article and more reflective of the very good feedback we have been receiving. 

We received some very positive feedback for our first service which ran on Friday 15th June, we responded very quickly to any negative feedback and adjusted staffing levels accordingly.

There were numerous customers who left positive feedback on our Facebook page after travelling on The Gin Train Experience over the weekend, here are some of those comments:

Matt Frost from Norwich wrote on Facebook:
‘We have just finished our Gin Train Experience and I must say we had a brilliant trip! Staff were fab, gins were lovely and the train ride was really relaxing! After all the negatives I was not expecting too much but it exceeded our expectations and will definitely look to book up again!’

Lynne Stabler wrote:
‘Had a great trip on the 16:55 train. Staff were great, very helpful and cheerful. Gins were interesting and different. Thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, a fabulous trip. Previous difficulties had clearly been sorted out. Would book again!’

Charlotte Garner wrote:
‘Myself and a friend participated in the gin train this evening and were slightly concerned after reading some of the comments... we travelled first class and had a lovely evening!!!! Greeted my kind friendly staff and were served some lovely gins!!! I don’t know what all the complaints were about. Thank you to all the friendly staff thoroughly enjoyed our experience!’

A spokesman from Railroad Events said ‘Our increased staffing levels for the on-board bar immediately ironed out the earlier teething problems on Friday’s trains. We reacted to feedback immediately and are pleased so many customers enjoyed the remaining trains over the weekend.’

Anyone who feels The Gin Train experience did not live up to their expectations should contact management through their website

Please see the following link for Gin Train Experience photos from Saturday 16th JUNE 2018. Credit: John Newstead: